Things That You Have to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing, or cabinet refacing, has become a major business in the last 10 years because it saves people money when they do not have to have all new cabinetry installed. It is also more Eco-friendly because the wood is reused and simply updated and redone so there is no need for new wood or other items, except maybe some new hardware which will not negatively impact the environment.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing?

Resurfacing allows you to keep your kitchen as it is while still updating its look. It is best to let this be done by a professional and experienced company because it is a rather complex process and doing it wrong can lead to disastrous results. The cabinets are fully taken apart so that only the cabinet boxes remain. The doors are replaced and the hardware is usually replaced with an option that fits in better with the resurfaced wood. The veneering process is also something that requires experience and it is probably the most important part of the process.

What Parts of the Cabinets Are Changed?

This ultimately depends on the kitchen resurfacing franchise and they will discuss this with you. Be sure to speak up if you don’t want certain aspects of your cabinets to be changed because they may be able to work around this. How old your cabinets are will play a major role in whether or not the total cabinet can be salvaged for resurfacing. However, old cabinets can be replaced as long as they are structurally sound. In many cases, older cabinets are better because they are made with better quality materials and are sturdier and stronger than newer cabinets. In most cases, the following will be changed:

• Remove and replace and cabinet doors
• Veneer the front of the cabinet boxes
• Remove and replace drawer fronts

How Long Does the Refacing Process Take?

A good kitchen cabinet resurfacing franchise can get the job done pretty quickly. On average, it will take about two to four days to completely finish the project. On the first day, the company spends time getting everything ready for the resurfacing process. On the second day they will veneer the cabinetry and day three will finish the veneering process. On day three, the company will also install new drawer front and doors, as well as all associated hardware. The fourth day is spent making any necessary adjustments and fully cleaning the work area and new cabinets.

How is Refacing Eco-Friendly?

Good kitchen cabinets franchises work in a very Eco-friendly manner. There are several ways that kitchen cabinet refacing is Eco-friendly and these include:

• There are no new cabinets so no boxes to put into landfills
• New cabinet boxes are not created so no new wood is used to create these
• No hazardous chemicals are used to create new cabinets
• All of these lead to reducing the homeowners’ carbon footprint

Kitchen Cabinets – Don’t Buy on Price Alone!

When you are ready to purchase a new set of kitchen cabinets, you should take the time to research the wide variety of features that are available to you. If you select new cabinets based solely on price, you can end up severely limiting your design choices. By taking into consideration a number of different factors, you can make the right decision. Below are some of the features that you should consider when you are ready to update your kitchen.

Materials – Manufacturers will use a variety of materials to design and build their products, which will be reflected in their price. Soft and hardwoods are commonly used by cabinetmakers, which will provide you with a variety of unfinished and finished options. Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF is often used as a cost-effective product for kitchen cabinets, which also come in a wide range of colors and styles.
Door Fronts – There are many different door style options that can be used to define your kitchen. For example, there are flat and raised panels, glass inserts, intricate molding detail and so much more. Setting your kitchen apart from all the rest can be easy when you gain access to quality products.
Door Placement – Cabinetmakers will manufacture doors that either will close over the face of the cabinet or will be flush with it. Depending on your personal preference, your home can have a unique or traditional design.
Hinges – Quality cabinets will have sturdy hinges that will stand up to continuous use over the years. The hinges should also be easy to adjust when the doors becomes loose due to constant opening and closing. A homeowner should select a hinge that will not damage their kitchen cabinets over time.
Dampers – A great feature to consider when shopping for cabinets are door dampers. These protectors eliminate the noise that a door makes when it is closed. They can also prevent damage to the face of your cabinet.
Hardware – Like the countless options that are available for kitchen cabinet styles, you will find that there are many choices for hardware. By selecting the right one, you can easily set your kitchen apart from all the rest. Hardware comes in different materials, colors and designs.

Having new cabinets installed in your home is a great way to update the look and feel of your kitchen. A reputable and experienced contractor can provide you with access to the kitchen cabinets that you are looking for and can offer professional installation.

Five Quality Tests To Apply Before You Buy Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Before you buy discount kitchen cabinets, there are some quality tests you should make. There are cabinet dealers who offer lower quality cabinets under the “discount” designation. But if you look around and shop carefully, you can find one of the dealers who offer high-quality cabinets at discount prices. Cabinets really are not the place to sacrifice quality in the name of savings when remodeling a kitchen.

If you will spend some time looking at sample cabinets and asking key questions before you decide where to buy, you will be able to ensure buying high-quality cabinets (where only the price is lower) instead of cheap low-quality cabinets.

Here are the five things you should look for:

Look at how the drawers are made. High-quality cabinet construction does not include staples or nails to hold drawers together. They are not just glued together, either. Good construction will make drawers with dove tail assembly. A good drawer in discount kitchen cabinets will be able to support about 75 pounds when it is open. It is generally wise to avoid thin particle board drawer construction.
Look at the sides and back of the discount kitchen cabinets. This is an important indication of quality. The case of the cabinet – sides, top, bottom and back should be of solid wood that is at least one-half inch thick. You will create a lot of heat and steam in your kitchen. Thin cabinet casings can warp. Particle board is also not recommended, which has a tendency to warp.
Finished interior surfaces are a true test of the highest quality cabinetry. Some discount kitchen cabinets will leave these surfaces unfinished. Not only does this create an unappealing appearance, but it leaves the wood subject to damage and splintering. This could be harmful and very inconvenient.
Look for adjustable shelves. This is a definite indication of the quality of cabinets. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the construction of the cabinets, if they meet other quality tests, but it causes a lot of wasted space that you probably need for storage in your kitchen. Shelves can bow (just like bookshelves) from weight and moisture. Insist on shelves that are at least 5/8 inch thick.

Check the quality of the hardware and the appearance of the hardware. Cabinet doors can be installed in two ways. One style of construction allows the hinges on the doors to be seen. In this case, you will want to check the finish on the hardware to ensure that it will not be damaged by moisture and that it matches other metals used prominently in your kitchen.

By paying careful attention to these five tests of discount kitchen cabinets, you can buy the quality you want at a discounted price and not risk purchasing inferior quality in the name of discount kitchen cabinets.

Small Details, Big Results With Kitchen Cabinet Handles

You may find yourself standing in your kitchen one day and thinking, “This needs a little change.” How do you do this without replacing cabinets, changing countertops, or buying new appliances? A simple change may be enough to do a quick update – replace your kitchen cabinet handles. Even if you are making a big change–designing a kitchen in a brand-new house or taking on a complete remodel, the cabinet hardware you choose makes a statement.

With the wide range of options in kitchen cabinet handles, your can create many different looks. But take care with the installation. Installing the handles properly will give you look you want – a well-executed, integrated design for the room that is the gathering place in your home.

If you are adding knobs, your project is a little simpler than if you are adding handles. When you attach knobs, you make a single hole in each cabinet door and drawer face in your kitchen. But if you are using cabinet handles, the installation needs extra attention to detail to get you the perfect results you want.

Unless you are willing to fill the existing holes drilled for the handles, be sure that the drawer handles you select to replace the old ones will fit in the existing holes. Measure the distance between the two holes, or to be certain, bring an old handle to the home improvement store and compare them to the ones you are considering. In addition to the distance between the two bolts, consider the length of the bolts on the kitchen cabinet handles you select. Look for a perfect fit; a bolt that is too short or too long won’t attach securely to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Doing this prevents a mistake that costs you time on the job.

If you are replacing old kitchen handles, it’s as simple as removing all the old hardware and adding on the new. You have no holes to make, no concerns with drilling incorrectly, and no mess to clean up. It’s a quick and satisfying upgrade.

If you are adding cabinet handles to new cabinets, you need to plan your project. Work carefully, and you will enjoy the results.

A good thing about adding these handles to new cabinets is you can choose whatever size you want. Still, be sure that the bolts provided with the kitchen cabinet handles are long enough to fit through the face of the drawers and doors.

When it’s time to pull out your tools and install the new handles, consider investing in a template that helps you place the hardware perfectly. These templates are inexpensive, and they help you perfectly align that row or column of drawer handles. Sure, you can do the math, measure carefully, and get good results without using the template. But if you’ve got a large kitchen and dozens of pieces of hardware to install, consider using this time-saving tool.

Your kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so take some precautions before you drill. Even when you measure carefully, your eye is the best judge to see if the kitchen cabinet handles look right. Look at the alignment before you drill. If it doesn’t look right, adjust the placement as necessary to have the alignment look right.

Place a small square of masking tape over the spots where you will drill holes, and mark the exact drill spot with pencil. Slowly drilling through the masking tape helps prevent the finish from splintering and being damaged by the drill bit.

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